The Value of Mentors (ENG3 Reflection)

Sometimes it is valuable to take the theoretic knowledge and see how it works in practice, and sometimes it can be effective to learn from mentors in both areas. Our teacher Lone provides the foundation to understand, reflect upon and develop our own practice, and today we saw how an experienced English teacher puts it all together and uses it in her own classrom.

Kristine Langstrup, who teaches English in grades 7-9 in Hørsholm and works as an IT- pedagogical consultant made a presentation of how she uses multimedia in her English language teaching. She was obviously an experienced teacher, and seems to have developed her practice into something that comes natural while still being able to reflect on the subject and the didactics of language learning. with specific focus on the latter.

    She proclaims that English is the favourite subject of many of her students, which is not her experience in other places in the world. Why is that, I wonder? Kristine’s take was that the way we approach our English teaching is different from that of other countries. She uses balls to throw around the classroom, facilitates task based learning, varies the tasks and makes all students say something in all her classes. Kristine makes sure to speak only English as well.

The students often writes diaries of made up adventures based on the current theme, and makes a screencast where they read it out loud for the teacher to see and hear. This activates all language skills as they have to WRITE the diary, READ it back, SAY it out loud, LISTEN back and finally has the chance to redo it until they are satisfied, thus repeating all the exercises - practicing perfection.

Kristine uses cross-platforms and interactive boards to engage the students through multimodality. Some of the activities and tools she likes are the Elevate App, Pixton, Route 8 learners book, Speakers Corner, Yoga and Film-X Animation app. 

Emil Alexander Holm Thorsen