Teacher Competences: Planning & Evaluating (EN4 Reflection 1)

This is a conversation between Kristian Ladegaard and myself. We try to analyze and reflect upon the article, "English teacher competences"  by J. von Holst-Pedersen from 2018 and this article from Politikken called: "Skolelærer: Jeg er ny lærer. Jeg er sygemeldt med stress. Og jeg er langtfra den eneste".

*at 3:03 I said "anatomy", but I meant "autonomy"

Show notes

Five key competencies an English teacher needs.

  • The ability to excite and make others interested
  • Why: Purpose & Goal
  • What: Content
  • How: Methods & Materials


  • Relations - respect & understand, passionate, "have a spark", form relations and create closeness, be curious
  • Classroom Management
  • Subject Pedagogy
  1. Create a red thread and structure - classroom management
  2. Use time on learning
  3. Give the students a desire to participate - be present and passionate 
  4. Activate the students’ preunderstanding - student autonomy as motivation, Subject Pedagogy
  5. Articulate what the students have to learn and why
  6. Vary your methods - Subject Pedagogy, motivation - balance out with structure 
  7. Take individual consideration
  8. Train - again and again and goal oriented
  9. Be aware of physical framework
  10. Say what you expect - Hattie’s most important for learning (visible learning 2012)
Emil Alexander Holm Thorsen