Reflection on reflections (ENG3)

Nedskrevne refleksioner (eller som video/lydfil) over min. 7 undervisningsgange (Omfanget af disse refleksioner bør være ½-1 side pr. undervisningsgang og skal indeholde overvejelser i forhold til forberedelse, læringsudbytte, engagement og efterbehandling) Udarbejdes individuelt.
— Studieordningen

As a requirement for this module, as well as every other module in English on Metropolitan University College Teacher Education, we have to write a reflection after every class. The premise of reflections makes it an open assignment that can take many shapes and forms. It obviously has some didactic reasoning behind it. We do not write many assignments for English and reflections gives a good indication to our Lektor on our writing skills which have to be on point to do a good job as teachers ourselves.

Here are the points I like about writing reflections: I am not the best at getting the writing done after EVERY class, as I have many other obligations in the afternoons with teaching classes in CrossFit and coaching sessions with private clients. Thus, it works as a recap of the curriculum in the end of the year and makes me rethink and refresh my knowledge. It forces me to produce something of value - when I share my thoughts, others might gain insights, realize where they stand themselves on the subject or even better; get offended and argue against me which creates even greater value. As part of our portfolio, we are encouraged to create an online platform to share our reflections - this made me launch my website that is now the online base of my own company. It also made me better at programming and designing.

Why it doesn't work for me: I don't do the reflections. In the end of the year I have a massive workload waiting for me, and I don't enjoy them. I take creative freedoms and don't stick to the exact requirements, which makes them SO much more interesting to me, and hopefully the reader as well. I don't want to publish my thoughts on how I prepared for a specific class. Writing about my engagement with a topic don't make me more engaged. We are promised time to develop our reflections in class, but seldomly do, where does it create a connection? Where is the scaffolding that we are thought to use ourselves?

 What I would like instead is creative group projects that are ties to the topic of the day that are part of the daily activities in class which gives us a base to work from. It should still give us the creative freedom, but work towards a greater product that we can use in our teachings and entrepreneurial future.