Students' Written Competences: Functional Grammar & Interlanguage Analysis (EN4 Reflection 5)

Interlanguage Analysis

Dear 4.a

Im wear in my grandmother’s

and grandfather’s summerhouse,

with my cousins, and my aunt, uncle and my mom and my sisters.

We have winterbath and this is relly coolt, and we had close.

I playing 4 stribes and Africa’s star.

I wear to bryllup for my uncle and tante

(noget var på dansk og jeg ku’ ikke alle ord).

Kind regards Anna


Dear 4.a

I went to my grandparent’s cottage with my cousins, aunt, uncle, sisters, and mom. We went winter bathing and it was really cold, even when we wore clothes. I played 4 in a row and Africa’s star. I also went to my uncle and aunt’s wedding.

Kind regards



The overall meaning is clear – on a sentence level there could be some

Pauline Gibbons Grid for Interlanguage analysis: Scaffolding Language, Scaffolding Learning p. 129

1. General Comments

  • is the overall meaning clear?
  • Are the main ideas developed?
  • Does the writing reflect the writer’s other classroom language experiences? (e.g., what they have read or talked about)?
  • What is your overall impression compared to other things the learner has written?

2. Text Type

  • What kind of text is this?
  • Is this appropriate for the writer’s purpose?
  • Has the writer written this text type before?

3. Overall Organization

  • Is the overall structural organization appropriate to the text type?
  • Are any stages missing?

4. Cohesion

  • Are the ideas linked with the appropriate connectives? (Note that these will vary with the text type; see chapter 5)
  • Is there an appropriate variety of these connectives?
  • Are pronouns used correctly (e.g., he and she)?
  • Do pronouns have a clear referent (e.g., is it clear what words such as he, she, this, there, etc., are referring to)?

5. Vocabulary

  • Is appropriate vocabulary used?
  • Is there semantic variety (e.g., does the writer use a range of words for big, such as huge, massive, large, gigantic, etc.)? (Note that semantic variety will be appropriate for narratives and recounts, but probably not for more factual texts, such as reports and instructions.)

6. Sentence Grammar

  • Is this accurate (e.g. Subject-verb agreements, correct use of tenses, correct use of word order, (etc.)?

7. Spelling

  • Is this accurate?
  • If the writer does not yet produce correct spelling, what does the writer know about spelling (e.g., evidence of sound-symbol correspondence)?